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Note we moved recently now our main office is at Tapajós ,27  ( a small street near to São Sebastião ‘s Church This a small yellow building beside the church  ( next door consultório Dr, Orest

+55 92 9 9198 0111  my whatsaapp and cell phone we hours in case you need

Mudamos para a Rua Tapajós , 27 ao lado da Igreja São Sebastião um pequeno prédio amarelo

ai nosso whatsaapp e phone + 55 92 9 9198 0111  ( Gero) 

Please, at the airport in case you arrive in advance or in delay , call us if you do not find a member of Amazon Gero Tours , ofcourse anyhow we will be awaiting for your coming if you give us the information of a new flight number , if the flight number do not change it will be easier for us to meet you. But in case you do not see us there are 3 taxi companies 24 hours that work for us

Ask the taxi companies ( Coopertaxi , Vitotaxi ou Manaus Radiotaxi ( inside of the airport lobby * Never outside) they are just 5 meters from the arrival gate .

Take care not so bad , but just to avoid scammers at the airport lobby , false tour guide or false faked taxis drivers.

Always in case your aircompany change your flight arrival time.

At the airport they have free wifi or the people inside of the taxi driver office they may call me .


We have just changed our Amazon Gero Tours office

No anymore at Street 10 de Julho , but at the same street you may see the São Sebastiao church infront of the traffic light there is a small street called

Street Tapajos ( number 27 ) just beside the church ( before the Amazon Theater) …

Please, do not believe Pirates on the street they may try to say that they work with us or that we are closed but do not pay attention , Our Amazon Gero Tours staff may use our t-shirt ( Amazon Gero’  s badge  with name and our company name ,too

Please , avoid scammer near the hotels or agencies not all of them but some of them will try to convence

You that they work together with us or that we are closed but  , but fortunately  we are in full operation next corner the way back to the Amazon Theater at same corner Street 10 de Julho with Street Tapajo look beside São Sebastião ‘s Church ( Salão Tropical , ( Etinia Souvenirs) then next yellow buiding ( Amazon Gero Tours number 27 ( just beside the Church

Note a yellow building  the only one next to the church.

+ 55 92 9 9198 0111

+55 92 9 9198 0111



Please just to help you to avoid scammers by internet and os at the airport  use good sense and enjoy your time

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Our e-mails are   info@amazongerotours.com

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Amazon Gero has a very warm welcome for you traveller and adventurer, who wants to enjoy the wild life and fauna of the Amazon rain forest.
For over 20 years we organize excursions to almost anywhere you can imagine.

We operate in remote rain forest regions of  Juma River, about 100km south of Manaus and in the Anavilhanas Archipel 100km west of Manaus.

Sustainable tourism is our goal, we are spending over 5% of your money for social projects.
So far Amazon Gero built a community lodge and is offering his logistic, means transportation and medical care to the people in remote areas.
We make sure that all our excursions leave the minimal impact on the environment.

Our office is about 100m from the Amazon Theater in Manaus on the street tapajós 27.
We offer airport transfer, hotel reservation, boat and plane tickets.

One of our famous clients was adventurer journalist . He is presenting documentaries about the Amazon on Rede Record and SBT ( Brazilian TV stations) AND  We had Isabella Koppel TV GLOBO artist as our guest

We have serveral Option , 

Our own lodge at Mamori river  ( Amazon River ( Solimões área) where we have our simple, rustic and adventureous lodge program from 1 to 10 days , we have rooms with fan , private room and screen against insects let’s a soft adventure mixing lodge and jungle overnight

Or a hard let’s rustic adventure going to a native people house and then straight to the overnight in the jungle overnight deeper in the jungle far but need 6 to 10 days for the deeper , rustic adventureous packages ofcourse you pay a little bit more but ofcourse it is worthing and we keep the group for adventureous 6 to 10 days package maximum 6 people


For those who wish a place with airconditioning room with hot shower then we have a place just by the end of Mamori entering the Maçarico lake 

and here by Negro River base we há a lodge with swimming pool , airconditioning 

for those who are looking for a soft adventure  in the way to Negro River 


Rio Negro base com um pouco mais de conforto e para aqueles que insistem em ter boto e Indio, claro explicando que as duas opções são turísticas que tem fila e que a apresentação é teatral, mas que é importante enfatizar  que  é interessante Ja que está proibida a visita nas verdadeiras tribos. 
Que estao proibidas pela FUNAI *FUNDAÇÃO NACIONAL DO ÍNDIO. 
Para evitar doenças e a questão do álcoolismo que está muito forte
 Caso possa vender bem podemos colocar um guia nosso. Eu pago o guia
: Também, cobramos bem pela comida extra. 
Se não vende apt a 300.00 com ar-condicionado 
E com ventilador a 200.00